A Skills-Based Pathway to Successful Business Growth and Talent Aquisition

We offer a ‘one stop shop’ integrated workforce solution

Control your Costs

WPC Group receives support from both the State and Commonwealth Government, including grants and exemptions from things like payroll tax that you cannot receive directly. There are many hidden ‘on costs’ when recruiting and employing directly that can add up to another 30% on top of a base pay rate. WPC Group build all these factors into a flexible, fuss free workforce solution.

Manage your Risk

Our workforce solution allows you to focus on managing your business. WPC Group understand that your staffing levels may change from time to time. Should you not require the apprentice or trainee or things simply don’t work out, you can hand them back with the knowledge that WPC Group will endeavor to find them another placement. WPC Group also manage Workcover and any claims that may arise.

Save your Time

Some managers spend 80% of their time, managing 20% of their people. Think about the time and money your company spends each year on recruitment, administration and payroll, let alone keeping up to date with complex awards and legislation.
WPC Group can pass on efficiencies through economies of scale, saving money and your time.