Advancing Automotive Training: LSH Auto Australia’s Pioneering Accelerated Apprenticeship Program

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As the speed of change in the automotive industry accelerates, so must the training programs that prepare its future technicians. The ADVANCE Accelerated Apprenticeship Program, launched this week by LSH Auto Australia, Australia’s leading Mercedes-Benz retail group, WPC Group, and Kangan Institute, is doing just that.

The ADVANCE program is an innovative, fast-tracked apprenticeship tailored exclusively for LSH Auto Australia apprentices. It leverages cutting-edge learning and skills development practices, enabling participants to attain a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology qualification in a mere 2.5 years1.

Accelerating Apprenticeship in Automotive Excellence

The program was unveiled at the Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence, highlighting the partnership between LSH Auto Australia, WPC Group, and the Kangan Institute. These acknowledged industry leaders have come together to deliver a state-of-the-art apprenticeship experience, uniquely customised for Mercedes-Benz’s advanced vehicles.

ADVANCE is set to offer apprentices one-on-one mentoring, access to specialised Mercedes-Benz equipment, and specific training for Mercedes-Benz Electrical Vehicles. This will present apprentices with an extraordinary opportunity to become fully qualified Mercedes-Benz technicians and secure a gratifying career with LSH Auto Australia2.

Pioneering Transformation in the Industry

In the words of Briar Ferguson, Head of Strategic Aftersales, LSH Auto Australia, “ADVANCE continues LSH Auto’s tradition of pioneering innovative new programs that will transform the industry, increase staff retention, and ultimately create dynamic pathways for the leaders of our future.”

The ADVANCE Accelerated Apprenticeship Program has already won strong backing from LSH Auto Australia dealers. Its inaugural intake, which comprises 12 apprentices from diverse backgrounds in Victoria, is already operational in the workshop.

A Triumph of Collaboration

Andrew Sezonov, WPC Group General Manager, described ADVANCE as “a triumph of collaboration” that exemplifies the achievements possible when industry and educators work in tandem3.

“We developed ADVANCE to encourage young Australians to take a closer look at the automotive career opportunities which are available via apprenticeship,” said Sezonov.

One such individual seizing this opportunity is Georgia Ely, an apprentice enrolled in the program. Ely shared her excitement and privilege to be part of ADVANCE, expressing her eagerness to expand her knowledge and work with an esteemed company on her journey to becoming a qualified technician.

The Future is Here

LSH Auto Australia’s ADVANCE Accelerated Apprenticeship Program sets a new benchmark for automotive training, promising to transform the industry, improve employee retention, and pave the way for future leaders. As we look to a future characterised by rapid technological advancements, programs like ADVANCE ensure that Australia’s automotive industry will not just keep pace, but lead the way.



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