Year 12 Student Lands Mercedes-Benz Apprenticeship

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Aidan Nugara only graduated high school last month. Yet, he’s already managed to land himself a full-time, paid position with Mercedes-Benz.

Aidan attended Aviation High School in Brisbane, and was awarded the 2014 Aviation High School Award for Excellence in Vocational Education and Training (VET) studies; an award that is proudly sponsored by WPC Group each year. Aidan was nominated for the award based on his commitment and the dedication he displayed throughout 2014.

Passionate about a career in the automotive industry, Aidan discovered his love of cars at a young age. He helped his uncle and dad to fix damaged cars and took every opportunity possible to gain as much knowledge and experience in the automotive industry as possible.

“I have grown up around cars. All my uncles are mechanics and have shown me the basics. Over the last year I have been working on my own car, fixing it up. This led to more structured training, including a Mechanical Starter course with the YMCA, as well as work experience with my uncle at Hornibrook Bus Lines. In my spare time, I enjoy helping out at a mechanical workshop in Archerfield. I have gained a great deal of hands on experience whilst working in the workshop,” said Aidan.

All this hard work and dedication has paid off for Aidan. Following his successful completion of year 12, WPC Group nominated Aidan as a potential candidate to Mercedes-Benz Brisbane. Aidan was successful in his application and is commencing with Mercedes-Benz Brisbane as a first year Light Automotive Apprentice.

The Mercedes-Benz and WPC Group apprenticeship program is highly successful. It has maintained an 87% retention rate, compared to the industry average of just 53%. WPC believes this can be attributed to many factors, including the first-class environment and workshops of Mercedes-Benz, the quality of Mercedes-Benz service technicians supervising the apprentices, and the contribution that WPC makes to the program in terms of recruitment, orientation, and ongoing one-on-one mentoring.

Opened in 2007, Aviation High School was established to provide direct pathways for students seeking careers in the aviation and aerospace industries in Queensland. The curriculum at Aviation High School is significantly influenced and supported by the aerospace and aviation industries and provided wonderful opportunities for students.

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