What No One is Telling You… Where to Find Your Next Great Hire

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by Nicholas Wyman  |  May 9, 2015  |

Now more than ever, companies are being faced with an ever-growing problem. There are 28 million middle skill jobs — those that require an associate degree or similar technical training — currently vacant in the US. By 2018, an additional 14 million jobs requiring middle skills will be created. Globally, McKinsey estimates that there will be a shortfall of some 85 million qualified workers by 2020.[1] In other words, employees with the requisite skills to get the job done are quickly dwindling.
Companies need to respond to, and help close, this skills gap by tapping and engaging employees not once they’re hired, but well before.

The most effective way to do so?

Work collaboratively with high schools and secondary schools to engage potential employees while they’re still students. But How ?

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