Toll Apprentice A Model of Success for Citi New Recruits Program

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Chris McDowall completed the Citi New Recruits program in September 2014. The Citi New Recruits program develops the skills of young Australians, bridging the gap between school and the world of work. The program begins with a free four-week job-ready boot camp, during which participants learn the soft skills, like leadership and teamwork, which are needed to land, and then keep a job.

Once the boot camp is completed, participants are placed into traineeships, apprenticeships, or full time work by WPC Group. They then have access to a dedicated one-on-one mentor who assists in overcoming any barriers that arise.

As a result of completing the Citi New Recruits program, Chris landed a heavy vehicle automotive apprenticeship at Toll Fleet Management in Eastern Creek. Chris commenced his apprenticeship in January this year, and hasn’t looked back since.


Mitchell Antney, Leading Hand at Toll Linehaul and Fleet Services and Chris’ manager, has been particularly impressed with Chris’ work ethic, “Chris has been with us for a few months now and has fitted in perfectly.”

“Chris is always eager and willing to give anything a go. He follows instructions well and is already completing some bigger jobs on his own, with us checking afterwards, and finding no faults with his work. From what he is showing us now, I believe Chris will be a very successful apprentice, both in terms of his attitude, and the questions he asks about the vehicles, the business, and his jobs,” said Mitchell.

The progress that Chris has made in his apprenticeship is due in part to the attitude of Toll Eastern Creek to managing apprentices. As described by Mitchell, Toll takes a very hands-on approach to apprentice learning, encouraging them to obtain as much practical experience as possible.

“We have Chris doing his apprentice duties early in the morning, so the rest of the day he can be on the tools, helping and learning the trade as fast as he can take it all in. Here at the Toll Eastern Creek workshop, we try not hold our apprentices back with endless hours of cleaning and small non-mechanical jobs. This ensures that by the end of the apprenticeship, they have had enough experience to become not just a parts fitter, but a qualified mechanic with full diagnostic skills,” said Mitchell.

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